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Particle repositioning

Particle repositioning procedures can help relieve benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) which causes short, intense, episodes of dizziness when the head is moved in certain positions.  


How to Prepare

There is nothing specific that you have to prepare for.  Please wear clothing that will allow you to move freely from lying on your back to lying on your stomach.

What to expect

You will be moved into approximately 3 to 5 different positions in order to move the particles into another part of your inner ear.  There are different positions and maneuvers depending on the severity of the BPPV and the location of the dislodged particles.  During the maneuvers, each position is held for about 45 seconds or as long as the symptoms last. 

post-treatment instructions


You may feel a bit unsettled after the particle repositioning.  It is recommended that you bring someone to drive you home.  It is also recommended that you refrain from any strenuous activity (such as heavy lifting, bending down or looking up for long periods of time, etc) after the procedure. 


Please                             to refer a patient for particle repositioning. 

The referral forms can be faxed to us at: 416-340-3745.


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To get to us: Take any elevator within the hospital to the 7th floor. We are located near the Eaton Elevators. Once you reach the 7th floor, follow the signs to Hearing & Balance, room 213. 


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